US Poster Sizes

Throughout the decades there have been many changes made to the sizes of posters. Posters also may be slightly off the listed sizes either under or over due to difference in size cutting from the printers various printers. The sizes listed below are general sizes, more specific sizes or size ranges will be listed with the actual posters if different than the standards below in the various areas of this site.

Midget Window Card- Midget window card posters often share the same artwork as regular window cards but in most cases are rarer. The standard size for these cards is 8″ x 14″ or 20.3 cm x 35.5 cm. Like it’s larger cousin midget window cards are often found with the blank imprint areas trimmed off leaving them to be square.

Window Card- Standard window card posters are 14″ x 22″ in size or 35.5 cm x 55.9 cm. Many window cards had a blank imprint area at the top of the poster which was often trimmed off by collectors later on leaving the card square or close to it for framing purposes. Untrimmed window cards are more desirable and will command a premium over trimmed cards.

Jumbo Window Card- Jumbo window card posters are normally vertically printed window cards that are the same size as a half sheet poster measuring 22″ wide x 28″ high or 55.9 cm x 71.1 cm. Jumbo window cards are probably the rarest of the window card sizes.

Insert Poster- Insert posters are vertically printed posters measuring 14″ x 36″ or  35.5 cm x 91.4 cm. Insert posters are among the most sought after due to their size making them easy to frame and display.

Half Sheet Poster- Half sheet movie posters are posters printed in a horizontal format measuring 22″ x 28″ or 55.9 cm x 71.1 cm.

30×40- Like their name 30×40 posters are 30″ x 40″ or 76.2 cm x 101.6 cm printed in a vertical format. More often than not these posters use the exact same artwork as the standard US one sheet posters. The 30×40 should not be confused with the British Quad which is also 30×40 but is normally printed in a horizontal format.

One Sheet Poster- The standard size of poster used for display in most theaters is the one sheet. In the early days of cinema the one sheet size ranged in size from 26″ to 19″ or 66 cm to 73.6 cm wide by 41″ to 43″ or 104.1 cm x 109.2 cm tall. Later on the one sheet posters were standardized at 27″ x 41″ or 68.5 cm x 104.1 cm which was the common size until the 80’s when the size was changed to 27″ x 40″ or 68.6 cm x 101.6 cm which continues to today.

Two Sheet Poster- One of the rarest poster sizes most often used from my research in areas like New York city was the two sheet poster. Two sheet posters are almost always extremely rare compared to any other size poster that is printed for a film. The standard size for a two sheet poster likes its name would suggest is 41″ x 54″ or  104.1 cm x 137.1 cm.

Mall Display Poster- Exceptionally rare for most titles is a poster made for use in kiosks and special sized displays almost exclusively in malls in the 1980’s. These mall posters are most often approximately 39.75″ x 49.75″ and are often double sided and were printed in extremely small numbers.

Subway Poster- Close in size to the two sheet poster and used predominantly in like the name suggests subways the subway posters measurements average 45″ x 59″ or 114.3 cm x 159.9 cm printed in a horizontal format. Subway posters are often referred to as two sheets even though they technically are not two sheet posters.

40×60 Poster- Twice the size of the 30×40 the 40×60 is a vertically printed poster measuring in at 40″ x 60″ or 101.6 cm x 152.4 cm. 40×60’s are uncommon and quite desirable by collectors due to there large format and the fact they they most often use the same artwork as the one sheet posters.

Bus Stop/Shelter Poster- In recent decades 40×60 posters have been replaced by the newer standard size bus stop shelter poster which is most often found in 45″ x 70″ or 114.3 cm x 177.8 cm. Like their name would suggest these posters are most often used to advertise in bus stop shelters in major cities.

Three Sheet Poster- Three sheet posters again are like their name would suggest the size of three one sheet posters put together at 41″ x 81″ or 104.1 cm x 205.7 cm. The three sheet though has been seen in a variety of slightly different sizes though with the second most common being 41″ x 77″ or 104.1 cm x 195..6 cm. Early three sheet posters were created in three pieces. As printing technologies improved over time these were later printed in two pieces and then finally later on in one piece. Three sheets have rarely been printed since the late 70’s and when they were printed were often printed by the secondary market. 

Six Sheet Poster- Six sheet posters came in two different sizes with the most common being and average 81″ x 81″ or 205.7 cm x 205.7 cm but like the three sheet have a second less common size of approximately 77″ x 77″ or 195..6 cm x 195..6 cm cm. A second but very rarely used size in comparison is the horizontal six sheet. The side ways six sheet most commonly printed for use overseas uses a horizontal artwork format and is approximately 60″ x 132″ or 152.4 cm x 335..3 cm. Six sheet posters of any type can be very hard to find as many venues did not use them due to the large area that they take up to display.

Seven Sheet Poster- Seven sheet posters are exceptionally rare and to the best of my knowledge were never printed by the NSS or national screen service. Seven sheet posters are most commonly found printed for specific venues by secondary market printers for use in cities like Los Angles. Seven sheet posters normally use the same artwork as the six sheet and are around 83″ x 93″ or 210.8 cm x 236.2 cm.

12 Sheet Poster- Twelve sheet posters are some times referred to as half billboard posters. They are quite rare and are most often 108″ x 144″ or 274.3 cm x  365.8 cm and were most commonly used the the late 30’s and 40’s.

24 Sheet Poster- Is the last of the more standard size and is often referred to as a billboard poster. The standard size for a 24 sheet is 104″ x 232″ or 264.2 cm x 589.3 cm.

There are other sizes of posters used but they are less commonly used including 16 sheets, 30 sheets and other various sizes.