Bootleg ID

What is a bootleg poster?

A bootleg poster is essentially a poster that has been counterfeited and offered for sale with the intent of misleading potential buyers. It should not be confused with legitimate reprints or studio re-issues which are also common.

What is the difference between a bootleg poster and a reprint or re-issue?

Just like you do not have the right to reprint and try and spend a dollar bill from your home printer these sellers have printed these counterfeit posters without the knowledge and consent of the studio.

A reprint is a poster that has had it’s artwork licensed to be reprinted by a third party for the purpose of sale or display.

A re-issue is a poster that has been reprinted by the studio for the purpose of either resale, promotion or both. This has become a very common practice for more popular films from the 70’s onward.

How do I tell if my poster is an original or a bootleg?

Most bootleg posters can be identified readily if you look for certain traits in the poster, that is the purpose of this section of the site. As time goes on we will be listing and showing the differences between the original posters and illegally reprinted versions. We will also when able discuss some of the different legitimate reprints that have been done over the years in other areas of the site. This section is dedicated strictly to posters that have been faked.